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My name is Randy Lemieux, I'm a personal trainer and Classic Physique Champion, with over 25 years experience and proud member of the National Federation of Professional Trainers.

Our mission is to help you reach your goals: whether it is about nutrition, weight loss, strength training, motivation, and living a healthy active lifestyle.

I can guarantee results, The body works by the simple rule of "Demand and Supply" when you're looking for:

Muscular conditioning: can improve strength and posture, reduce the risk of lower back injury, and is also an important component of a weight management program.

Flexibility exercise: is needed to maintain joint range of motion and reduce the risk of injury and muscle soreness.

Aerobic exercise: does good things for your cardiovascular system and is an important part of weight management. For a lean and chiseled physique, you need cardio work. Gradually work up to 45 minutes or longer at low to moderate in a low- or no-impact activity. Your best bets for low-impact exercise are treadmill, cycling, and using an elliptical machine

Mass: For Mass you need to lift big weights – that’s what we’re working towards. You want to reach your ultimate weight limits. Get familiar with those limits. Lift to failure. Plan accordingly.

Low to moderate reps: Keeping in mind if you’re using heavy weights, keep your rep count low and sets moderate. On average, you’ll want to start somewhere around 10-15 reps and work your way down as you move though your sets.

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